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Thu, Jan 18, 2018

How APTS Started

It was clear that training and development was gaining significance in Singapore during the cycles of recession. In order to drive up productivity and keep the economy healthy, the government actively started a series of initiatives to help workers undergo training. In the midst of all these, challenges quickly surfaced. One of the most pressing needs was the lack of trainers - both in quantity and quality. That was the time a handful of people came together and decided to do something about this need. Regular meetings soon started. Putting aside competition, trainers came together to share the best practices, resources and assignments. When the networking and training sessions were well attended and rated, it became clear that the growing community was ready to be officially registered.

The Association of Professional Trainers, Singapore (APTS) was thus registered with the Registry of Societies, Singapore on 29th April 2006. Since then, the APTS is governed by its members through the elected Executive Committee headed by its President and guided by its Constitution. An Annual General Meeting is held in accordance to the Constitution

Its founding objective was to help its members, made up of professional trainers and aspiring trainers, achieve higher standards through programmes that are dedicated to exposing them to a wide array of training practices from all disciplines. Today, while keeping to this mission, APTS has also expanded its objectives to engaging employers, institutions and the government as well as providing its members visibility and training assignments.

The Founders

                John Teo                                   Dr Danny Ker                                  David Lee                                 Patrick Tan