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Wed, Feb 21, 2018

How to increase your training business without spending excessively on marketing.

Dear trainers, this sharing is especially for those who have asked me about how to increase your training business without spending excessive marketing costs. There are three points to share which I think may be helpful in how you can go about your business development.

1. Be a professional consultant not salesman

You are training people because you have something that they don't. Don't end up like the all-too-familiar salesman who keeps babbling about their products. Listen first! Know what clients are looking for. Some don't really know what they need and so you have to prepare good questions to uncover their needs. Once this is done, speak to them like specialists giving prescription or answers to their clients' challenges.

2. Be ready to invest to be known

Many trainers, especially those who are new, are hesitant to spend money on marketing. Some skimped on it and produce substandard brochures or email ads that make potential clients lose confidence. No matter how good you think you are, your business won't come in until people know you – and get a good impression. If you are tight on budget, choose just one or two flagship topics and do up a professional brochure or website. This initial investment will go a long way in helping you to penetrate into and sustain in the market.

3. Be willing to give first

Be willing to share things that benefit people for free. If they like it, they will come to you for more. That's where you get additional businesses. There are different free platforms such as the newspapers, magazines and forums. This "edu-tisement" method has proven to be time and cost effective. Just make sure your contents are good and remember to leave your contacts or URL behind.

May your business move to another level of success. God bless!


Thought Leadership