Learn by Teaching

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Written by Sheeba Vijayan

“Docendo disco, scribendo cogito” – I learn by teaching, think by writing.

As trainers, we tend to be so busy preparing the mountainous data and notes to share with our trainees that we forget to check our own learning in the process.

When we take the sincere effort to make every training session a self-evaluation process of our own skills and knowledge, we would slowly pace away from the typical negative feedback of trainees. “I cannot remember most of the information”, “The training session was too short”, “This training session was irrelevant” – and the list goes on.

How do we self-evaluate? There are many tools recommended by the management and trainee gurus when you surf the website. Selecting the most effective tool is a personal choice that depends on your unique learning style. Personally, I like to reflect back on

  • what I should not have said
  • what information fuelled a long class discussion
  • what made the class laugh
  • what information required more explanations

Writing your reflections in a small notebook would help you avoid the same blooper and harp on the exciting topics. Always compare your self-evaluation with your trainees’ feedback and you will soon be able to surmise their feedback before you collate it.

Training and workshops may be a time-out for some trainees whilst others consider it a resource to sharpen their skills. However, they perceive these sessions, as trainers we have the ultimate responsibility to deliver it with a pizzazz that would not only attract the trainees back but also inspire them to put into practice all they have learned.