Create More Business – with a Smile!

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Written by Dr. Asha K. Karan

As a trainer, you must, of course, have knowledge of your chosen field. But that’s not enough. As a trainer, you must have excellent course content and delivery skills. But that, too, is not enough. To be a successful trainer, you must sell yourself - to your clients and your trainees. To do that, let me refer you to an ancient Jewish Wisdom:

“Those who wish to sell, must first learn to smile”

Think about it:

  • A smile says, “welcome”. It shows a willingness to accept or want to know someone. A smile, along with good eye contact, draws people to you. It tells the person receiving the smile that the giver is friendly and approachable.
  • A smile puts the other at ease. When you smile at someone, it has an immediate and positive effect on that person. People like to be with people who make them feel good. And as the old maxim goes, people like to buy from people they like.
  • A smile can also show that you are happy and comfortable with yourself. It is the confident sales person who makes the sale. Confidence is a large part of success and smiling is way of showing your confidence to others without saying a word.

Why do some people not use this valuable asset?

Well, it may just be a force of habit. In which case, practice smiling! Stand in front of a mirror and practise your smile. Say a few words of greeting or your opening remarks while practising your smile so that it will come more naturally to you.

If you have difficulty smiling because of a shy personality or a lack of confidence, get a pep talk from a friend – or psychologist.

If you simply don’t like your smile, get help from a dentist!

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Your smile is one aspect of your appearance that can be kept attractive long after middle-age has widened your middle, or time has taken its toll on your skin. So flash that beautiful smile every time you.

  • Enter a room full of people
  • Extend your hand to greet people
  • Make a presentation

Soon, you will find yourself winning friends – and business!