Don’t write a book until you read this

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If you write a book for the wrong reason, you may end up sabotaging yourself. These days, more and more people are trying to “teach” trainers to write books as a primary means to market or sell their training programmes. This is fuelled by the fact that self publishing is readily available. If you want to keep a good reputation, don’t do that.

I believe spin offs into training programmes are natural bi-products of a good book. It should never be the primary and hidden objective of the book. A good book imparts valuable and timely insights for readers who prefer to develop themselves through reading at their own time and pace. Many of these readers are also capable of putting into practice what they learnt without a physical training programme. So respect that.

If you are just giving these books away free as your marketing tool, that’s probably not too bad. But many are putting them with stores for selling. When you do that, you are as good as selling brochures. Would you buy an IKEA catalogue? It is no wonder preview seminars are getting such bad turnouts and reviews compared to a decade ago. Fortunately they are usually free so the attendees can’t complain much. But if people pay for a book in hope of gaining valuable insights but end up being sold to training programmes, the “author” has much recovery work to do.

Today’s customers are discerning. They are also appreciative of quality stuff. If you want to grow your training business, offer real good stuff. Do it straight. Do it right. If you want to resort to methods that seem clever but untruthful, you may earn a bad reputation that can never be erased.

So if training is your passion, give yourself fully to it. And if writing becomes another too, do it in a wholehearted manner as you would in training as well. Keep transforming!