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Wed, Feb 21, 2018

Amazing Sticky Presentations - Design or Decoration

Do you sometimes wonder what to do with the empty spaces you have on your presentation slides? Leaving it empty seems unfinished and uninteresting. So we tell ourselves that we have to do something about that space.

A common practice might be to look for an image or some images to fill those spaces. This can result in slides that are un-composed or uncoordinated. Worst of all, they cause distractions and are confusing to your audience. Sometimes these so-called decorations can increase the complexity of our slides, making it difficult to deliver our intended message effectively.

Decorating our presentation slides is not a good idea for an effective presentation. Decoration is an afterthought and is usually not part of the design. Every element or object on your presentation slides must have a purpose. They must contribute in helping you to effectively deliver the message in your presentation. Any element that is included without a purpose should be removed.

Practice design instead of decoration. Plan your presentation and decide how the content should be delivered. What is it that you want your audience to see and hear? Design your presentation slides so that it helps you deliver your message with ease and persuasiveness. Design your presentation slides so that you can deliver your message with impact. When an element in your slide is part of the design, your whole presentation will flow smoothly giving you the highest impact in line with your intention or objective of your presentation.

However, when you decorate your slides by adding elements to fill in the empty space, you end up patching holes that you think should be covered with something. Design. Not decorate. Now, go create a presentation that will WOW! your audience.

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