How To Engage The Gen Y With Laughter And Creating Fun Experiences

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It becomes increasingly more challenging for companies to engage new generations in laughter and fun activities in order to increase productivity. Through out the years, interests change and the definition of “fun” evolves.

Each generation finds new and interesting ways to have fun, and therefore, companies are challenged with the task of keeping up to date with what each new generation want to get involved in. Where decades ago it might have been enough for a corporate company to simply leave a box of doughnuts in the break room for its employees, now in a healthier and more fitness conscious world, that is simply not enough.

In the banking, oil, and gas industries, it is becoming particularly difficult for corporate companies to engage the Gen Y in fun activities that will appropriately promote laughter. This is an important task for the corporate managers to accomplish, particularly in the banking, oil, and gas industries, due to all of the physical, mental, emotional, and productivity benefits for everyone involved. 

 There are many benefits to laughing and engaging in fun activities on a regular basis. Some of the physical benefits include the contracting and relaxing of the muscles in the face and body. This rapid contraction and releasing of muscles causes the heart rate to increase. Once the heart rate starts to increase, the blood starts pumping harder through the body.

The person who is laughing begins to take deeper and more rapid breaths thus providing more oxygen to the blood. The combination of the increased breathing and heart rate cause the blood to distribute oxygen to the tissue and muscles more effectively. The result is a healthier, more alert, and more focused employee through out the course of the day. Thus creating a more productive environment for employees to flourish in. Emotionally, there are a lot of benefits as well.

People, who laugh on a regular basis, especially during the workday, are proven to have lower levels of stress, and they are able to handle anxiety more efficiently. This creates a more balanced emotional status to be able to handle the challenges and business issues.

Group Photo of participants from Global Exchange Program

When you are engaging in laughing and fun activities on a regular basis, it is proven that you will be able to get in to a deeper state of relaxation and consequently have a more productive night’s sleep. It is a result of the physical and emotional benefits of laughter on a regular basis that companies will be able to have employees that are more pleasant and productive work environment. 

There are a number of ways that companies can engage employees from the Gen Y in laughter and fun activities on an appropriate basis in order to increase productivity.

One of the best ways to implement a laughter plan in to a daily routine is to designate time in the day to dedicate to fun activities like team outings, team lunches, happy hours, and daily newsletters with a humorous twist.