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Wed, Feb 21, 2018

Amazing Sticky Presentations - 10 focused activities to get you started

1. Start with a blank page

Always start your design on a blank page. Try not to use templates provided by your presentation software. Starting with a blank page gives you the freedom to explore beyond the boundaries of the template. Imagine being able to do anything on a page without constrain. Imagine being able to write, draw, doodle or simply express your thoughts on the page.

2. Plan on paper

Plan your presentation slides on paper before you create them on your computer. In other words, go analog when planning your storyboard. Planning on paper allows you to focus on your presentation content instead of fighting with technology.

3. Be visible

Your presentation slides are useful only if your audience can see the content on your slides. Regardless of the type of information you are presenting, may it be text, a chart, a table, a diagram or a photo, always ensure that your audience can see what you are putting up on the big screen.

4. Use images

Use images whenever possible in your presentation slides. Carefully selected images can enhance your presentation visuals beyond what text alone can do. Studies suggest that using images in your communications is 5 times more effective when compared to using text alone. People remember images better than text because images are exciting and more expressive when used correctly.

5. Draw ideas

When you start drawing your ideas, you start to look at things in a different perspective. Your presentation slides will become more exciting. Your delivery will mirror the new perspective you created.

6. Design, not decorate

How your presentation slides look, should be part of your design. It should not be an after thought to fill in the blank space. Very often we throw in an image or two because there are blank spaces in our slides. It is important that content (images, text, objects) of your presentation slides is carefully thought through and is there because you intended it to be. By making content part of your design helps you focus on how you want to convey the message. Having focus makes your delivery more effective and exciting.

7. Keep it simple

Keep your messages simple when you build your presentation slides. Simple messages are also very focused and easy to digest. People can only remember simple messages. Show them simple things, read them a simple message, tell them a simple story, and they will likely to remember. Your presentation slide is not a document. Do not use documentation format in your presentation. Documents contain detail and complex information. Presentation slides are meant to be simple and easy to understand.

8. Explore beyond

To create a presentation that leave lasting impressions, you have to explore beyond the things you see everyday. There are many ways to show the same things on your presentation slides. Explore and experiment with object’s positioning and size. 

9. Be inspired

Anything is possible if you are inspired to share your ideas with people you meet. Inspiration gives you the energy to create exciting things. If you want to create and deliver a presentation that blows your audience minds, find that inspiration.

10. Use your own computer

To deliver a great presentation, you need to have full control of your delivery tool. When possible, it is best to use your own computer during the presentation delivery. Using your own computer ensures that your presentation will display the way you want it. And you can be sure that alignment, layout and custom font that you use (if any) will display properly.

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