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Thu, Jan 18, 2018

Professional Certificate in Training (PCT)

Professional Certificate in Training (PCT) Modules

Before going through the modules, please ensure that you have gained an understanding of what the Professional Certificate in Training (PCT) Programme is all about if you have not done so.

Essential Modules (EM)

There are three core modules in EM focusing on the Trainer, Learners and Approaches. They are compulsory for the award of the Professional Certification. The duration for each is one day. There will be two to four weeks of break between each module to allow you time for practice and preparation. Mentoring and coaching will also be provided. This includes the possibility of getting exposures in real training events.

1.       DAY ONE - Developing the Effective TRAINER

1.1.      Internalising the Philosophy of Training

1.2.      Having the Mindset of Great Trainers

1.3.      Positioning of Roles Skilfully

1.4.      Mastering the Range of Verbal & Non-Verbal Communications*

1.5.      Grooming for the Occasion

1.6.      Upholding the Professionalism & Ethics of A Trainer

* Practice sessions with videography will be carried out

2.       DAY TWO - Creating Interested LEARNERS
(2-4 weeks after Module One)

2.1.      Appreciating the Principles of Andragogy (Adult Learning) vs Pedagogy

2.2.      Understanding the Various Levels of Needs & Motivations

2.3.      Understanding the Different Models for Learning Styles

2.4.      Engaging the 3 Elements of a Person Necessary for Transformation

3.       DAY THREE - Mastering Engaging APPROACHES
(2-4 weeks after Module Two)

3.1.      Designing Effective Training Sessions from Start to End

3.2.      Using Purposeful Experiential Activities

3.3.      Using Good Visual & Information Technology Tools

3.4.      Mastering Good Questioning Techniques

3.5.      Ensuring the Right Environment and Atmosphere

3.6.      Handling Various Difficult Situations

Add-On Modules (AM)

There are seven specialised modules in AM. These are not required for the award of the Professional Certification. The duration for each is half a day.

1.       Developing Quality Training Materials

1.1.      Practising Good Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

1.2.      Designing & Developing Contents

1.3.      Assessing Training Outcomes

1.4.      Registering & Managing Intellectual Properties

2.       Starting & Managing a Training Business

2.1.      Choosing the Right Business Model for You

2.2.      Understanding the Financial Requirements & Project Costing

2.3.      Knowing the Training Project Cycle and Management

2.4.      Marketing & Tendering

2.5.      Working with Key Suppliers

3.       Tapping on Government Funds

3.1.      Knowing the Requirements to be Eligible for Funds

3.2.      Knowing the Workforce Development Agency (WDA)’s Framework

3.3.      Understanding the Administrative Work Involved

3.4.      Knowing the PIC Scheme and How to Help Your Clients Save

4.       Authoring a Book

4.1.      Preparing for a Holistic Project Management

4.2.      Adopting Good Structure in Writing

4.3.      Working with A Good Team

4.4.      Knowing the Different Options for Publishing

5.       Mastering the Use of Experiential Activities (EA)

5.1.      Re-Enforcing the Rationale for Using EA

5.2.      Understanding the Various Categories of EA

5.3.      Getting Hands-On with Good EA

5.4.      Designing Your Own Original EA

6.       Capitalising on Social Media (SM) for Business

6.1.      Selecting the Right SM to Use for Different Audiences

6.2.      Understanding & Mastering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

6.3.      Avoiding the Common Pitfalls and Abuse of SM

7.       Mastering Presentation Programmes & Tools

7.1.      Mastering MS Powerpoint & Other Presentation Software

7.2.      Using Videos Seamlessly

7.3.      Integrating the Use of Flipcharts, Whiteboards & Drawing Programmes

Requirements For Award Of PCT

  • Participation for all 3 EM only
  • Fulfillment of assignments
  • Passing of presentation assessments

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