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Wed, Feb 21, 2018

Professional Certificate in Training (PCT)

Professional Certificate in Training

Imagine upon ending your training session, you receive spontaneous appreciative applause and smiles across the entire room. Thereafter, participants literally queue up to shake your hand. Some share how your training is so positively different from others, some ask if you can mentor them while others want to invite you for more training sessions. Feels great, doesn't it? You have obviously just made a positive difference in their lives!

This is a true occurrence that some of us at APTS encounter repeatedly. It is possibly the most fulfilling moment for a trainer. But it did not happen in day one. It may take years if you are taking the self discovery route, and that is, if you are still surviving. A shorter but no less easy route is to undergo proper training and mentoring.

The Professional Certificate in Training (PCT) programme is put together by APTS for the key purpose of developing outstanding trainers who will go on to transform the rest of the world. Do not register for the programme until you have compared it with other train-the-trainer courses and know the difference. And when you are in the programme, remember that humility, diligence and courage are the top three attributes to bring you to the top.

Who PCT Programme Is For

It is extremely useful for three specific groups of people:

Trainers who run their own training business or operate on freelance and associate capacity
Staff from management or HR/Training department who are required to train their colleagues
Educators who want to go beyond imparting of knowledge

What PCT Programme Is Not

It is not academic-driven. While the contents have strong underpinnings, we do not dwell on the theories but focus on the applications. There are no essays to write but you will be crafting out valuable contents, plans and guides that are customised to your nature of work.

It is not business-driven. While we conduct the programme professionally, we are not out there to impress you with 5-star seminar rooms or glittering advertisements as all these costs are passed on to you eventually. APTS is not a profit driven entity and operates with prudence so that the programme is accessible to more especially those who are just starting out.

What PCT Programme Is

It is purpose-driven. Read the first paragraph if you haven't.

The Modules

The modules are divided into Essential Modules (EM) and Add-On Modules (AM). EM consist of 3 Core Modules which are all compulsory. AM consist of 7 optional Specialised Modules which you can take depending on their relevance to your work and needs. The durations of each module for EM and AM are one day and half a day respectively. The list of modules and sub topics can be found here.

Requirements For Award Of PCT

  • Participation for all 3 EM only
  • Fulfillment of assignments
  • Passing of presentation assessments

Fee Structure

The total investment for PCT Programme - 3 days of EM covers training, assessments, meals, materials, videography and PCT certification.

  • APTS Member / Non-Member = S$1510 / S$2150 (Singaporeans & PRs)

  • Foreigners = S$4050


The AM are optional and not required for PCT certification.
The investment for 0.5 day of each AM covers training, refreshment, materials and certificate.

  • APTS Member / Non-Member = S$120 / S$200 (Singaporeans & PRs)
  • Foreigners = S$310

APTS is deeply grateful to all Master Trainers for reducing their professional fee significantly to help keep the course fee affordable.

Class Size

*Each intake's class size is restricted to a maximum of 24 to ensure individual attention is giving to all. Once the registration number hits 12, a class will be formed and the dates will be set in consultation with the registrants.


Day 1: 9th March 2018, Friday
Day 2: 30th March 2018, Friday
Day 3: Will be decided in consultation with the class


To register, complete the official registration form (click here) and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To download the official brochure, click here.