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Thu, Jan 18, 2018

Tips for Success

If you are responsible for the planning of training in your organisation, you can be the next most valued staff or demoralised staff. A good training session transforms people positively and ultimately leads to significant improvement in performance for your organisation. The converse is true. There are one too many poor training sessions and the list of negative feedback is enough to make one dread planning for the next training. Here are some quick tips to help you make the next training a resounding success!

Tip #1

Get a really good trainer. Read till the end and you will know why.

Tip #2

Make sure the training is aligned to your organisation's vision and mission. If these do not exist, it's time to craft them.

Tip #3

Ensure the contents add value to your staff's lives not just work.

Tip #4

Avoid timing it within weeks from major project deadlines unless it is meant to equip them to fulfill the project tasks.

Tip #5

Use an external venue to prevent staff from returning to the workstations during breaks or meals.

Tip #6

Make sure there are elements of healthy, quality and relevant fun no matter how dry the topics may be.

Tip #7

Adopt cluster seating layout and group them with people from different teams wherever possible.

Tip #8

Ensure blended learning is carried out especially when you have a group with wide age gap.

Tip #9

Promote the training, not announce it. This helps people to look forward to the training rather dragging their legs.

Tip #10

If there is too much to remember and do, someone can help you with all these and more. Read Tip #1 to know who this person is!

Organising a good training is no easy feat. To help you, we have provided two features. First you can submit a e-training request easily and it will be broadcasted for you. Start here. Secondly, you can use our advanced search function to get a list of trainers meeting your criteria instantly. Search here.

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