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Sat, Dec 16, 2017
Tommy Loke's Profile Page
Tommy Loke
Core Info
Vision Century Pte Ltd
Executive Director

Professional Member


• MBA from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom (1999);
• Bachelor of Commerce degree from Nanyang University (1978);
• Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Singapore Institute of Management (1981);
• Diploma in Wealth Management from the United Kingdom (1986);
• Fellow Member, Certified Public Accountants, Australia (2004);
• Fellow Member, Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Singapore (2005);
• FellowMember, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom (2006);
• Certified ACTA trainer and Assessor;

Diploma in Wealth Management from the U.K. He is also a Fellow Member of the Certified Public Accountants, Australia; the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Singapore; and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom. He is a certified ACTA trainer and Assessor and has trained hundreds of participants under the WSQ program. He is fluent in both written and spoken English and Mandarin.
• Adjunct lecturer with the Singapore Institute of Management (past 6 years till now);
• Project advisor to students from Singapore Management University (past 5yrs till now) ;
• Member of CFO Committee since April 2013
• Chairman of Finance Community Queenstown Citizen Consultative Community
• Hon treasurer of the Queenstown Lengkee CCMC
• Hon treasurer of Grassroots Club
• Conduct a sharing community leader from China (using Mandarin) and conduct customize international coaching for certain client.
• Served on School Advisory Committee Member of Queenstown Secondary school (past 6 years
• More than 20 years of experience in the fields of accounting, auditing and management – with more than 10 years in senior management;
• Senior corporate executive leadership experience with global companies with both commercial and functional portfolios (eg Deloitte & Touche, Jurong Town Corporation, Wahana Bersama Globalindo Investment Pte Ltd);
• Proven organization capability – a high-energy, experienced professional who is result-oriented in leading business and organizational transformations;
• Established credentials as a trusted advisor to business leaders and an executive coach to leaders/managers on organization; and
• Significant regional management experience - particularly in Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.

Clients & Partners

• Toshiba (S) Pte Ltd
• Ministry of Trade Industry
• Home Team
• Natsteel
• Maxtor
• Showa Denko Pte Ltd
• Comfort Delco
• Panasonic Singapore Pte Ltd
• Institute of Technical Education (ITE),
• Singapore National Employers Federation
• Singapore Bus Service (SBS),
• Various hospitals under the National Healthcare Group


• "We appreciate very much your taking time to prepare and share your expert knowledge and insights for changing mind set and positive thinking. I believe that the audience has benefitted from the workshop."
• “Mr. Loke has made the workshop fun and interesting. He is very knowledgeable and used practical examples to bring across concepts clearly. Well worth our time to attend.”
• Very lively and factual example
• “The workshop is interactive and participative. The contents were made simple. I get very motivated after attending his class.”
• “There was lots of laughter throughout the session. A very informative workshop.”


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Trainer's Profile
Tommy is an energetic Training Facilitator & Personal Coach whose sense of humour together with his relaxed and confident style can be of real inspiration to his clients and audiences.

In the corporate environment he is an expert in the area of 'Communication-Relationships at Work' . He brings to his clients his creativity and experience in the business world, blended with the wisdom and experience gained through his own life challenges and his experience in both public and private sector .By combining his knowledge in Counselling and coaching techniques, together with his long term business experience in the corporate world, Tommy has the capacity to help people, business executives and companies to create solutions to today's challenges of retention, recruitment, work-life balance,etc

The real life issues which he went through will make the training more interesting and meaningful to the participants with actual case studies rather than just book knowledge. He focuses on ways to promote a learning organization that constantly looks for better ways to do business. Practical tools on innovation – striving for radical change, continuous improvement and how to implement new ideas Besides English, He is proficient in Chinese.

Key areas for training

Corporate training on customer service, work skills training, mindset change, executive coaching, leadership skills, negotiating and communication skills, people management, performance management, problem solving

Facilitating workshops on corporate vision and mission