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Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Jimmy Ong's Profile Page
Jimmy Ong
Core Info
Jimmy Ong Motivation & Coaching
Chief Engagement Officer
+65 6570 0030

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- Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA)
- The Advanced Training Group, Consultant
- Chief Engagement Officer, Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Author
- Deputy General Manager: Employee Engagement, HR
- Group Senior Marketing Manager
- Senior Marketing Manager
- Assistant Manager

Clients & Partners

Clientele include Allianz SE Singapore, Senoko Energy, HSBC Malaysia , International SOS, KS Energy Group , PT AIM in Jakarta, AMOS International - just to name a few.



“You have reinforced the importance for each of us to take responsibility for our lives and not to blame our circumstances. You shared with us practical tips which we can apply to our jobs and lives. I believed we’d walked away from the session with a new perspective towards work.”
- Joseph Chia, Executive Vice President (Finance), SENOKO ENERGY PTE LTD

“Jimmy’s compelling story and mission will touch many lives. He chooses to wear his struggles like a badge of honour, and his sincerity and conviction will certainly help people look beyond their problems – and see hope where there is visibly none”
- Dr. Alex Ooi, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Mount Elizabeth Hospital

“The feedback from our employees was extremely positive and several indicated that they have benefited greatly from the talk in various areas of their lives including career and family. Some have stated that they have learnt how to overcome their own challenges by hearing how you overcame yours.”
- Julie Harrison, Regional Manager, Talent Mngt. L&D Dept. ALLIANZ SE INSURANCE MANAGEMENT ASIA PACIFIC

'I want to thank Jimmy for coming to Indonesia to train us. We have truly benefited from his sharing. I'm sure our company will be transformed".
- Calvin Yong, Founder. PT AIM

"For those people who are on the verge of losing their drive. this is a suitable platform to re-live their passion and move ahead. I am truly inspired!"
- Loida Tibayan - Project Executive, KSD

"The "Lunch & Learn" session was a huge success! Jimmy’s life experience is so varied and rich, that he could provide insights on the steps we could do to better our work life, relationships and achieve success. Wish I had a pen to write down all the key learning. He reminded me that it is important to have a goal, so that you can overlook whatever setbacks you face in between.”
- Wu Sihui, Learning & Development (Allianz SE Insurance Management Asia Pacific)

"Very interesting and useful session for me who just graduated and is stepping out to the workforce for the first time. It helped me shape and mould my perception of the working life. I am now looking forward to the challenges ahead and have less fear of moving forward".
- Liu Ziming - Management Trainee, KSFC

"I value Jimmy's inspirational talk. To hear and know a person who was once "broken to pieces" have finally achieve success in both personal and his career life, has been very positive and motivating to me".
- Illyanoor Saador, Operations, ALLIANZ

"It was a fabulous training for us in Batam. I can see an almost immediate change in attitude amongst the staffs. They begin to show respect with each other and even heard greetings when they meet. It's really good influencing each other. Once again thank you Jimmy!"
- Esra M. Siahaan. General Manager. PT ATOO


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Trainer's Profile
Jimmy Ong is an individual who had gone through extreme circumstances in life. But despite facing heart breaking failures, insurmountable challenges and even harbouring suicidal thoughts; he found a way to break through his dire situation. Through sheer determination and leveraging on new life strategies, Jimmy successfully embarked on a ‘New Beginning” that saw a reversal in his “fortune” and his wildest dreams becoming a reality. His inspiring life story was featured on:
 TODAY Newspaper, Jul 2015 : “A Fresh Start”
 Radio9.38live, Jan 2013 : “They are making a difference”
 The Sunday Times, 30 Sep, 2012 : “To Hell and Back”
 Simply Her Magazine, Jun, 2009. : “A Life Transformed”

Today, Jimmy has incorporated his own life experiences and established methodologies into several training programs and coaching series. These programs are designed to inspire working professionals to overcome challenges in life and at work so that they can be equipped to transform seemingly impossible situations to positive outcomes.

His talks are customized to fit the needs of the client. Key topics and expanded features; “Are You Future Ready?”, “My New Beginnings” and “Make Your Mark in Times of Uncertainty.” When asked to describe the central message of his presentations, Jimmy advocates, “Get your life balanced, be happy, and get back to work!” Jimmy truly believes that a happy worker will lead to improved productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced organizational cost, resulting in overall growth for the company.”

Prior to becoming a Speaker, Trainer and Career Coach; Jimmy spent more than 22 years in Marketing, Retail Sales and Regional Business Development roles. His last position was Deputy General Manager of Employee Engagement and in-house trainer in a publicly listed company with over 1,000 employees.

His clientele include Allianz SE Singapore, Senoko Energy, HSBC Malaysia , International SOS, KS Energy Group , PT AIM in Jakarta, AMOS International - just to name a few.

Jimmy holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), a national qualification awarded by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. In addition, Jimmy is also a recognized trainer for ‘Lose to Win’, a weight management program organized by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.