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Sat, Dec 16, 2017
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Thomas Chan
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Birkhall Pte Ltd
Managing Director

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BSc (Hons) Management with Accounting, Bangor University
Full ACTA Certified Trainer by WDA Singapore
Managing Director, Birkhall Pte Ltd


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Trainer's Profile
Thomas operates a micro niche business specializing in sustainable technologies for demanding environment. He pioneered the use of automatic grease separator in commercial kitchen in Singapore as early as 1993 to protect the plumbing lines in buildings and waterways. Trapped grease is recycled and processed into Biodiesel and other commercial products. In 2012 after being in this business for twenty years, this technology was recognized and certified by the Singapore Green Building Council as a Green Product in Singapore.

Sustainability however is not just confined to the environmental sphere. With raising global sustainability issues topping the news headlines by the day, Thomas feels that there is an urgent need to spread sustainability education to all level of society. Having worked with Swedish enterprises since he started his career, Thomas has associated his current practice with The Natural Step (TNS), an education and research non-governmental organization dedicated to sustainable development founded in 1989 in Sweden by Dr Karl-Henrik Robert to further the cause in Education for Sustainability.

As the world natural resources decline whilst human demands continue to grow, our business cannot continue as usual. However, these huge sustainability problems also present equally large opportunities. Using the scientific and proven framework from The Natural Step (TNS), Thomas hopes to share this strategic approach in sustainable planning and decision making to develop and grow leaders and change agents for a sustainable future urgently needed within our businesses and communities today.