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Thu, Jan 18, 2018

Employer, HR & Training Manager

If you are responsible for the training and development of staff, you have one of the most important job functions in the world. Sadly for some organisations, the HR or Training division is a very misunderstood entity. Why? Top management sees it as a cost center while the staff sees it as an interrupter. Nothing is further than the truth. Unless and until the human capital is regularly and well developed, an organisation has no future. Organising a good training however is not easy. We know this well as we have seen the stress many personnel in charge of training are going through. So if you are planning for your next training, we hope some of the sharing here will help you.

Get Good Trainers

Good trainers are those who truly understand what your organisation is going through and know how to infuse the solutions skillfully into the training sessions. They do not just transfer knowledge. They influence behaviours, instill positive attitudes and inculcate desirable values that are important to the organisation. They can make the most boring subjects interesting. They can turn strangers into friends. And all these are essential in a training session. Does it cost more to book good trainers? That goes without saying. However it is definitely worth the premium. But not all who try to charge high are good trainers. So you should always check their track records and testimonies. If you use our advanced search function to get a list of trainers, you will be able to see all their track records, testimonies, clients etc in their individual profile.

Watch Your Cost

Training can be an expensive affair but the cost can be kept to the minimum by taking note of these points. First, if possible, deal with the trainer directly. There is an increasing number of training related organisations acting as middleman. Many of them just market trainers and do not add value to the real substance of training analysis and delivery. If you go through them, 25-40% of your payment ends up as their commission. That means you either are paying significantly more for the marketing service or may be getting an inferior trainer whose fee actually costs much less. In APTS, we link clients and trainers together without charging commission and we are proud of that! You can submit your training request easily here. Another point to help save cost is to plan early so you may negotiate for better seminar packages. A safe guide is two months. Hotels tend to refuse giving discounts when they know you are desperate. Some trainers have good relationship with hotels so you can request for them to book for better rates. Do also ensure that the venue cost covers everything including audio and visual equipment. Some venues charge items such as the sound system and projector separately and they can be ridiculously high. So check and check again!

Understand Your People

Some organisations manage to successfully build a culture where training is something that the staff look forward to. Most do not enjoy that reception. But not all is lost and you can still organise successful training sessions which will eventually change the mindset of staff towards training. First avoid the typical announcement for training or workshops. You need to promote it and that means using creative ways to attract their attention and arouse their interest. Even great movies do not sell by themselves but require trailers. Next, understand what motivate your people and infuse these into the training. Remember that training cannot benefit an organisation significantly unless it first benefits the participants. One more important point is to ensure blended learning is taking place especially when your staff is made up people with wide age gap. The training methodology must be able to cater to the young who likes to get to the point as well as the old who likes sharing. Having said that, one common element that everyone enjoys is fun. Good trainers know how to weave in experiential activities that are enjoyable while staying relevant to the topic. Be careful though as there are others who overdo it by asking participants to jump up and down, raise their hands every other minute and do other uncomfortable and unrelated stuff which put the people off. So look for good trainers, not entertainers (or entertrainers), who understand your people.

Transform Your Organisation

Yes, as someone taking care of training, you have the power to transform your organsiation more than many others. You have to believe in yourself and in your people. Being positive is one of the most important traits for someone who is involving in developing others. We hope the sharing has help you in some ways. For more quick tips in organising successful training, click here. If you have feedback or similar experiences, share with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Wishing your next training a great one!