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Wed, Aug 23, 2017


The vibrancy of the education and training industry is dependent on a strong government. While most people acknowledge that the Singapore government has done a lot of good for the country since independence, many are also wondering if the new breed of top civil servants possess the same conviction and selflessness. In order to grow this small nation, the various government ministries need to continuously work closely with the respective industries or sectors. This support includes providing resources such as finances and facilities for initiatives that contribute to the common good. As simple as it may sound, there are at least two potential obstacles that can hinder such vital collaborations.

Political Interest
More than ever, people are wondering whether the country is run on a "Nation above party" motto. This is not an issue faced by any specific party but all parties. However if a ruling party is able to convince the people that decisions are all made in the interest of the nation without political interest, Singapore will see more stability from within and continue to thrive as a united nation. Our people today are well educated and informed and are watching beyond carefully crafted publications. People are finding out who the real beneficiaries from the government's great annual expenditures are. Hence our country must never allow political interest to weaken our cohesiveness and strength. APTS is not affiliated to any political party and is committed to support the government in initiatives that are beneficial to the training industry.

Personal Interest
It becomes a predicament when the line is greying in the scope of work between the public and private sector. The government has since moved beyond regulations and into providing services which are also available in the private sector. The employees of these government funded entities or their parent organisations are faced with difficult decisions when approached for support by private organisations with similar missions. It is a sticky issue as it involves their own KPI and at times, personal job preservation. In view of this conundrum, the government needs to ensure that leaders they put up are those who understand their overarching calling in the public service.

Creating a Vibrant Singapore

By working wisely with the increasing non profit entities which are usually made up of people with great passion for good causes, the government is tapping into gold mines. Failure to recognise this, many of these groups will eventually die for the lack of support. When that happens, the ultimate loser is the people. APTS has been in little ways contributing to the training industry and looks forward to doing more as well as receiving support from the government.